Dormitory “Warsaw”

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About Dormitory “Warsaw”

The structure of the house

Dormitory “Warsaw” has the following parameters:

– Capacity – 70 people in 8 blocks (male and female units);

– 1-,2-, 3- or 4-bedded rooms;

– Each unit has its own shower room and toilet (at least one separate toilet and one shower (bathroom));

– General large kitchen and dining room (it imprezova), summer kitchen;

– Own terrace and green areas;


In the kitchen, there are two basic sets of dishes, pots, and pans, but we recommend you bring/buy your own personal set of necessary utensils.

In the kitchen, there is following equipment: 2 electric kettles, induction cooker 2 to 4 hobs, 1 electric hob 4 ring stove, dishwasher, 2 microwaves, 2 large plates for cooking and slicing products.

2 times a week kitchen cleaned by regular cleaner, rest of the time, in accordance with the rules of living in a hostel, cleanliness maintained by one unit in accordance with the schedule established by the Administrator of the house. Dish washing providing (recommended) in the dishwasher, except for those types of dishes that can not be cleaned in the dishwasher. Dishwasher 2-3 times a day switches on Administrator of the dormitory.

Equipment and furniture:

Large refrigerators (in blocks and in the kitchen), washing machines on all units, electronic dryer.

In the room: wardrobe, desk, office chair, bed with mattress, bed linen.


2 times a week cleaning of common areas carries by a professional cleaner (kitchen, showers and toilets, corridors, stairs). The rest of the maintenance of cleanliness and order – the responsibility of tenants. And cleaning of students rooms has to be done by students independently.


Student House “Warsaw” has 6 independent lines connect to the Internet an overall rate of 70 Mb / s, an average of 1 person accounts from 1 Mb / s. Connecting to the Internet via wireless routers WiFi, 8 users on 1 router. Each student can connect up to 2 devices to the Internet (each device will be registered with its own mac-address).

Discipline and restrictions:

Smoking is prohibited at the whole territory of the student’s home. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas outside the home.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in common areas of the student home unless specifically authorized by the Administrator and organized activities with the purpose of the event is responsible for the number of participants.

Use of profanity is prohibited throughout the student’s home.

Quiet time from 22:00 to 6:00 (do not use speakers, loud noises).

Inviting guests carried out in the notice of the Administrator till 23:00. An overnight guest is allowed only with the permission of the Administrator’s in the specially designated guest room for a fee.


Room 3-bedded – Warsaw

Room cleaningNo
Start From€175.00 / Guest
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Room 4-bedded ONLY from 01.10- Warsaw

Room cleaningNo
Start From€155.00 / Guest
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Room 2-bedded BOYS/МАЛЬЧИКИ- Warsaw

Room cleaningNo
Start From€215.00 / Guest
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Room 1 bedded – Warsaw

Beds in room1
Room cleaningNo
Start From€235.00 / Guest
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